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AutoCount GST Submission

Important Step for GST Submission
2) Try you best to complete all the GST related transactions, Sales Invoice, Knock Off Payment, and Bank Reconciliation in this submission period.
4) If you want to submit manually, kindly print out the GST-03 form and go to Custom
                               (They still guide you how to submit through TAP there)
  If you want to submit through online TAP, follow Generate GST Return File and Submit the GST to TAP
5) Make the payment online or take the baucher to bank with you. Guide
GST Checking before submission : To check if your GST Ledger is tally with GST-03
Video Guide for GST Submission
(The video is based on AutoCount 1.8.15 version, there are some differents with your current AutoCount Version.)
Recommended to commit GST processor in Autocount when the payment has confirmed in TAP.